El Nefes Gazi Hookah

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El-Nefes hookahs are handmade Turkish chichas. Khalil Mamoon are the Egyptian traditional hookah as El-Nefes are the Turkish Ottoman traditional hookahs. If the modern Turkey founded by Ataturk has eclipsed the Ottoman Empire to the point that hookahs are banned from public places, but let's not forget that Turkish people are the inheritants of a secular hookah tradition. El-Nefes hookahs are a mix of Turkish aesthetic and culture. Each part of the body is hand-carved. Sumptuous calligraphies are on each metal part of this model, as the massive and heavy character will blow you away. The welds of the spare parts are handmade, and thus some details might seem irregular, but they in fact, participate to the hookahs look. Real pieces of art, El-Nefes hookahs are performant hookahs. They have a legendary sound, as the beauty of the vase welcoming solid brass columns will stun you. The El-Nefes Gazi has the adjective since Osman 1st has characterized the Ottoman dynasty. It significates "winner, faith warrior. The El-Nefes Gazi is thus the model with traditional accents. Ornaments on its column are calligraphies. The weight of its parts will surprise you, and even the quality of the noble materials used for its confection. The El-Nefes Gazi is sumptuous, with finely chiseled gilts. The Terra cotta bowl sold with this El-Nefes hookah will send you directly to the Turkish Empire after just a few puffs. 

- El-Nefes hookah: Height 60cm 
- Hose and bowl sold separately 
- Vase,Hose,bowl seals included

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